Historical Gift sent to the White House representing the 2M Veteran Women in the US.


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AMOR umbrella is a Military-Veteran, & Women Empowerment Advocate and Support Agency


Earlier this year a guest in our podcast Founder Time by AMOR umbrella, episode # 16 with Makissa Lewis, a veteran women and founder of My Seester ,suggested that our signature product, one of our Heart Shaped umbrellas should be signed by several of our Florida women veterans and then it should be sent to the White House in order represent the 2M+ veteran women that reside in the US.  Florida being the 3rd state with one of the largest populations of women veterans.


As a veteran myself and the founder of Amor umbrella, I was honored by the suggestion and for the opportunity to honor our military-veteran community. 


I took on the challenge and with that goal in mind, I embarked on a nearly year-long journey to make it happen.

Along the year, we organized several events to gather the signatures required.

One of those events was an afternoon retreat in beautiful Vizcaya Museum and Gardens here in Miami, FL where we invited our fellow veterans to take the time to relax and enjoy the beautiful settings.

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Photos credit: Niurka Castaneda

In another event we collaborated with a local nonprofit Fishing with America Finest  to organize another afternoon retreat where we took several veteran fishing to the Everglades.

Fising with america finest FLYER-1

Photo credit: Niurka Castaneda


Photo credit: Zulema Reyes

We feel that it was important to represent every branch, so we went went to meet the brave women serving in the reserve guard in person

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Photo credit: Niurka Castaneda

To finalize wrapping and putting together this special gift, I have to personally travel to Boston, MA to meet our new friends and collaborators that were such an incredible asset to this project.

We wanted to reflect the diversity of our veteran women, so every detail that made the gift had a special meaning.

Finally, the Historical Thanksgiving Gift was mailed roughly at 620 AM on Friday 19 Nov 2021 

Photo credit:

Nefertiti San Miguel

Photo credit:

Niurka Castaneda


 We can now say:



It was sent to our Vice President in the White House.

The post office were we mailed from is steps away from the original Boston Tea Party.

boston tea party

TripSavvy / Violet Smirnova

ADDRESS: 306 Congress St, Boston, MA 02210, USA


Photo credit: Niurka Castaneda


The Historical Thanksgiving Gift was sent to the White House for our Vice President. It was created and sent with the intention to represent our 2M+ women veterans in unity and with the collaboration of Civilian Minorities and Veteran Small Owned Businesses.
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What was included?
A handwritten note that explained what was included in the gift
A furoshiki wrap that was specially designed to be worn as a shawl, that included a handcraft storage pouch for the shawl designed by Nefertiti San Miguel owner of Etnia Fusion 
travel case-1
An origami scrapbook (greeting card) designed by:
A traveling case handcraft in USA by Donald Dodson a veteran and owner of Dodson Designs 
travel case
travel case

Photo credit: Nefertiti San Miguel

designing calipers

Photo credit: Donald Dodson

A set of custom wooden military tags made by a fellow veteran, and former marine Frank Manteau owner of Kamikaze Wood Werks to represent Amor umbrella, the organizer of the event and the designer that collaborated in putting together the gift and both our organizations missions.

A lavender sachet was also included
 Thank you to all the people that collaborated, showed up and inspired me to start this journey. More pictures to follow showcasing the whole journey, the collaboration and the effort that this almost year long endeavor took.
There were so many parties involved in this effort that we turned to  the best legal advisor that we know and trust when comes to any legal matters, he is not only a brilliant Attorney at Fortis LLP, but a veteran as well: Andy Nelson 
We will keep updating this page with more details and pictures in order to tell you the whole story.
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The journey of the gift for the VP was only the beginning of our efforts to represent the 2M+ Veteran Women ( 10% of our general veteran population) in the US.  

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